Primary Care

As a primary care provider we are your first stop for all medical concerns. We strive to provide comprehensive, evidence-driven care to manage your acute and chronic medical conditions. When needed, we can coordinate specialty care to ensure an optimal outcome. We value the importance of our role as your confidant and guide into the often complicated medical arena. We hope to build long-term relationships with our patients. In recent years, doctor-patient relationships have been strained by insurance companies, high deductibles, and the intrusion of the federal government into your health care decisions. We must work together to rebuild the foundation of high quality medical care. It begins with a trusted family doctor who will be there when you or your family member is ill. That is who we strive to be.

Preventive Care

We provide routine preventive care for our patients. During these visits our providers spend time with patients reviewing their family and personal medical history to best determine how to maintain or improve current health. We review the most up to date recommendations to determine what screening tests are appropriate to detect medical conditions before they become problematic. The preventive visit is an opportunity for our staff to spend time understanding your health care goals and then develop a working plan to achieve those goals. This can include lifestyle modifications such as improving nutrition choices, developing an exercise regimen, establishing stress management strategies, and promoting good sleep hygiene.

Chronic Disease Management

Our physicians and nurse practitioners are highly trained in chronic disease management. The most commonly treated chronic conditions in our office include: (1) hypertension (high blood pressure), (2) diabetes, (3) hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol), (4) asthma, and (5) depression. Managing chronic diseases requires a knowledgeable practitioner, but also requires a motivated patient. We work closely with our patients to formulate and implement a treatment plan. We will follow you closely with scheduled visits and, when appropriate, exchange data via our patient portal to be sure your medical needs are met and that your expectations are exceeded. There will be times when your chronic medical conditions require specialty care; when that time comes, we can ensure timely consultation with the top area specialists.

Urgent/Acute Care

Our office sets aside appointment times each day to ensure we can evaluate our patients with acute concerns that need to be addressed in a timely manner. We understand your days are busy so we are proud to offer evening urgent appointments on most days.